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Cancer Care

At First In Caring, we understand the immense challenges that individuals facing cancer may encounter, and our Cancer Care service is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for both NDIS participants and Aged Care clients throughout their journey with cancer.

We recognise that Cancer Care necessitates a multifaceted strategy that extends beyond medical treatments. Our nursing staff performs a thorough assessment to determine the type and stage of cancer as well as the client’s overall health and well-being. This evaluation assists us in developing a personalised care plan that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological components of their cancer treatment.


Our approach to Cancer

  • For NDIS participants and Aged Care clients, we collaborate closely with their oncologists and healthcare providers to ensure seamless coordination of care. We strive to keep all parties informed about the client’s progress, treatment plans, and any necessary adjustments to their care regimen.
  • Our Nurses offers support with medication management, ensuring that clients receive their prescribed cancer medications on time and in the correct dosage. We educate clients and their families about the potential side effects of cancer treatments and assist in managing these effects.
  • Emotional support is crucial during cancer care, and our nursing professionals provide a compassionate and empathetic presence. We actively listen to our clients’ concerns and provide a safe space for them to express their emotions. Our team offers guidance on coping strategies, stress management, and connecting clients with counseling or support groups to help them navigate the emotional challenges of cancer.
  • Pain management is another essential aspect of cancer care, and our Nursing Care service ensures that clients receive appropriate pain relief measures tailored to their needs. We continuously monitor their pain levels and collaborate with healthcare providers to adjust pain management strategies as necessary.