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Discover the Impact We Make: Stories from Our Community.

Welcome to our Testimonials page, where the heartwarming narratives of those we’ve had the privilege to serve come to life. Here, we proudly share the voices and experiences of our clients, their families, and our dedicated support team.

Real stories, real people. Through every word shared, you’ll gain insight into the genuine difference our services have made in the lives of individuals living with disabilities and our cherished elderly community members. These testimonials stand as testaments to the unwavering commitment we have towards person-centered care, empathy, and fostering meaningful connections.

As you explore these heartfelt testimonials, envision the possibilities of how we can work together to enhance the quality of life for those who matter most to you. Join us in celebrating these journeys of resilience, growth, and empowerment.

“Throughout my career as a Support Worker, I have worked for different companies, but for the last 2 years, I have been working with First In Caring.

First in Caring is a reputable NDIS service provider to work for various reasons.  The company treats its employees as their greatest assets. The Director and head office staff are hands-on and interact with us on a regular basis, recognising our needs and allowing us to give inputs and make decisions not only for the company but also in advocating for our NDIS participants and Aged Care clients.

If you’re looking for a company that can give you a caring environment instead of a job, First in Caring is the place to work for.”


Disability & Aged Care Support Worker

“Thank you for everything that First in Caring have done to help us.  We definitely could not have done this on our own.  You have organised lots of things for us and followed up on everything to make sure things are being done to help us and that we are happy with everything.

We would definitely refer First in Caring to anyone needing assistance with the home care package.  It’s complicated and it takes a long time to understand the system.  We could have easily given up … or settled for things we didn’t want or need.  You remain persistent and regularly checked-in to see that we are going ok. Many thanks for making a potentially difficult time a positive experience for all of us.”

Barbara & Frederick

Aged Care client

“The team of professional Support Workers from First in Caring have helped me to improve many aspects of my life. I was locked indoors with fear of going out in the community, but they helped me confront my fear and see the other bright side of life. I want to say thank you for enabling me to change my way of thinking; to enjoy my life more. My Support Workers not only work hard but also understand me and my disability. I am able to draw and create cards and I am absolutely excited.”

Jovie, 38

NDIS Participant

First in Caring made sure that I got all the support that I needed, and I want to say thank you so much for helping me. I get the help and care I need to live better, happier, longer and safer in my own home.”

Roberto Cruz, 86

Aged Care client

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