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Dementia Care

We place a high priority on providing our employees with specialised dementia training so they are equipped with the information and abilities needed to provide effective and caring care. Our Support Workers can offer the best degree of support to our clients by being knowledgeable about the many phases of dementia, communication methods, and behaviour control tactics.

Every client with dementia receives a unique care plan that takes into account their preferences, past experiences, and present needs. We can build a welcoming environment that respects their individuality and fosters a sense of familiarity thanks to this tailored approach, which improves their general wellbeing.


What does First In Caring do?

We help create a safe and supportive environment for clients with dementia. We design the Care Plan to reduce confusion and disorientation, familiar objects, and calming spaces that promote a sense of security and comfort. Engaging in memory stimulation activities can be beneficial for individuals with dementia. Our care plans incorporate various cognitive exercises and reminiscence therapy to help preserve cognitive functions and trigger positive memories, contributing to their cognitive and emotional well-being.

We emphasise providing our workers with specialised dementia training so they have the knowledge and abilities to provide effective and compassionate care. Our Support Workers can offer the best degree of support to our clients by having a thorough awareness of the various phases of dementia, communication strategies, and behaviour management techniques.

For families.

We offer support and guidance to families. We understand the challenges they may face and provide education on dementia care, respite options, and emotional support to help them cope with the demands. Regular health monitoring and medication management are crucial for individuals with dementia. Our Nurses and Care Advisors track their medical needs and ensure they receive the appropriate care. As dementia is a progressive condition, we conduct regular assessments and adapt our care plans accordingly.